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    Dating of exodus Xxx chat in dubai

    For a synopsis on how God's Accounting System works in BIBLE, click here for brainout #6a.

    So you might want to read that first before reading this page. God Accounts the 1440BC date all the way back to Adam under His Accounting System, for God treats time like a balance sheet, principle of Dan-26; and, He tracks all the way forward to the present day with the same 490-year (non-intercalated) or 560-year (intercalated) benchmarks.

    | | H for Historical 'fit' from Joseph forward, #1: Hatshepsut's Barren Dilemma | | Chrono, H#2-4, backgrounder on Israel in Egypt | | H#5-6, Hat's Solution | | H#7-10, Hat's Precedenting Usurpation (using Moses) | | H#11-12, Moses under Hat thru her death | | H#13-15, Moses abdicates |  | H#16-17, 'other' Thutmose III comes to power |  | H#18-21, Amenhotep II | | H#22-end, Aftermath (decline of Egypt) | Apologies up front: the first few sections of this webpage are decidedly acerbic, for which I apologize.

    So maybe just skim the content until you get to "Historical 'fit'" intra-page link #H, which takes you through the history from Joseph's time, forward. Since the Exodus is the basis for the entire existence of the Bible, and the Bible spends every verse tying TO the Exodus, you'd think the people trying to date the Exodus would actually consult the Bible itself, to know the date. What has happened instead, is a lot of tail-chasing after artifacts.

    Overall, I very much liked the film and my impression is that it was very well produced and thought out.

    First I would like to state what I liked about the film and offer some positive comments.

    One of the questions I get asked a lot is about the Exodus and whether the volcanic eruption of the island of Thera or Santorini in the Greek islands could have had any impact on it.

    Indeed, you see a lot of television specials that say when the island blew up it caused a tsunami and that was the parting of the Red Sea and that caused an algae bloom and fish died and frogs to fall from the sky and the whole, you know, plagues; so could those actually be linked?

    Secondly, I will point out where I think Mahoney missed a couple of valuable opportunities apologetically, historically and archaeologically.

    Yesterday I posted an article titled Navigating “Patterns of Evidence for the Biblical Exodus which essentially outlined where the film would focus most of its attention.

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